Lostwood Wilderness

One destination I've had on my list for quite some time is the Lostwood Wilderness north of Stanley, N.D. 

This patch of prairie is enclaved by the Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge, which offers hiking, auto trails and wildlife viewing. Living in Fargo, it was difficult to get to northwestern North Dakota. I've only really ever been one time, and that trip was months in planning and lasted three days. But it was great. 

What fascinates me about the Lostwood Wilderness is how pristine it is and the glimpse it gives into how the area looked before settlement. Pothole sloughs, rolling hills and carpets of grass. It doesn't sound as appealing as high waterfalls, lush, green forests and tropical weather would to other travelers, but it's pretty attractive to me. 

There aren't many wilderness areas left in North Dakota; just pieces of badlands in the North and South units of Theodore Roosevelt National Park along with undeveloped areas of the Pembina Gorge. I've only ever traveled to one wilderness area, the petrified forest of the South Unit, where I've been at least twice. 

My pal Emily is joining me on this trip tomorrow morning, and we'll see what there is to see at Lostwood. I don't think we'll be disappointed.