North Dakota is my home.


Me and just under 760,000 other people can say that; just 0.236 percent of Americans live in North Dakota, the least visited state and also the most underrated, in my opinion.

I set out two years ago to travel the state and see what I could find. My travels began with a waterfall, the only one in North Dakota, and grew to find ghost towns, endangered species, unique natural areas, historic sites and the unseen. 

What you will find here are excerpts of my travels, tens of thousands of miles traveled up and down and across my home state. From Fargo to Fortuna, Marmarth to the Turtle Mountains, North Dakota is a place of quiet beauty and rich history, but you often must know where to look. I hope you'll find that here. 



The road less traveled holds sites unseen.


Watford City

Life on the New Frontier. 


Where to go and what to see.