100 Days in Watford City

Sometime last week, I passed the 100-day mark of my residence here in Watford City. 

The summer truly flew by, faster than a cagey rooster pheasant around a lazy bird dog. Now we're entering autumn here, often a reflective time for me as the year ends and my birthday inevitably comes, tolling another year of age.

In short, I've enjoyed my time here. I've met some kind people, some interesting folks and made a few friends. I could stand to befriend a few more pals, but after work, I'm pooped and honestly, I just want to watch Netflix, edit my landscape pictures or write (not to sound antisocial). Blah. 

I've kept up with my Fargo and NDSU friends. I've seen my dad the past three weekends and my family the past two. I've visited Fargo twice since moving here, and met my buddy Pace for more encounters than I expected (i.e. Space Aliens in Bismarck, a Lake Oahe/Linton day trip, a snack at Kroll's in Bismarck, etc.). 

I won't lie that I've been lonely at times. Finding people my age here has been difficult. Finding a lady friend has been even more challenging, but I've given Tinder a shot and am trying to get out more, which leads to spending money, something I'm trying to curb. 

With my new Jeep Patriot and other items I now cover, the bills have been coming in. Not gonna lie. I may be a hermit on weeknights, but I'm a road warrior on weekends. I went from the Horse Creek School seven miles east of Montana to Goodrich, N.D., at the center of the state in one day. That's 190 miles as the crow flies and not an easy route.

Just sayin'. It's kind of a big deal. 

Work at the paper has been interesting. There's a lot of fascinating things happening in McKenzie County, and I have the good fortune of writing about it. I like 98 percent of my job, and my coworkers are great. 

Watford has lots to offer too. Since I moved here, ice cream shops and a brewery have opened. A farmer market sprang up and will end this week. The 268,000-square foot event center is poised to open imminently with a swimming pool, concert arena, rock wall, etc. 

Life here has been good to me. Nothing negative to report. My greatest fear is crashing in a wreck on Highway 85 dipping south into the badlands, but I try to steer clear of there. Winter will be interesting around here, I think. I'll look forward to comparing it to a Fargo winter. 

Today by my math is Day 105 for me in Watford City. Less than nine months til the one-year mark.