Six Months in Watford City

Winter arrived with a force over the last three days here in Watford City. 

We took on 11 inches of snow after weeks of nice weather in the 60s. Hello, winter. Goodbye, late, late, late summer. 

On Wednesday, Nov. 30, I hit my six-month anniversary living in Watford City. I've lived here half a year, through summer and autumn and now onto winter and eventual spring. 

My thoughts? It's an interesting town, a lot more interesting than outside newspapers paint it. 

Watford City is by no means slow even though the energy industry is in a slump. The new event center is drawing in people and happenings, holiday season events are creeping up and the my work at the newspaper has never been as hopping. 

I'm anxiously awaiting summer though. Winter drags out for five months, spring is like two seconds and then boom: Another nice, hot North Dakota summer. I'm already planning and plotting some summer trips, if that's not sad enough, but I gotta get through December, January and February (the heart of winter) before I can seriously plan on anything. 

Today, as a matter of fact, Thursday, Dec. 1, is my six-month anniversary with the McKenzie County Farmer. The news has been interesting here to say the least in recent months, and I genuinely enjoy my job. A kind reader sent me a nice note today which perked up my day. 

This may sound crazy, but I actually wanna hit the road in North Dakota this winter. I've never really been in western North Dakota during winter due to the extreme conditions in the state during this season, but I'd like to travel a bit. Maybe get up near Alkabo. 

I definitely want to rent a cabin for a weekend at Lake Metigoshe State Park. That place is paradise. I predict many camping seasons there next summer. Oh, you betcha. 

Ice fishing is another activity I'd like to explore. And seeing the national park in winter. You know, my first official visit to Watford City was in January 2016 to see the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I can't wait to explore the wintry landscape (if roads and weather permit). 

So here's to six months in Watford City. Who knows what's ahead. If my work has been any indication, it will be interesting. I await the future with interest and to see where I stand on May 30, 2017, one year after everything started.